Three levels at heart-resonance-coaching

The most common starting position before the start of heart-resonance-coaching

Your personality development: "Who I am and where do I want to go?"

Together we look into your life situations in a 360 degree view. This takes place in three levels:

Clarification - truth - clarity - towards: "Who I am and where do I want to go?"

In cooperation with you we will take a 360 degree look in your life situations. This will happen in three levels:

Level 1: I - myself - "Map of life"

We take a look at your personal, familiar, social and cultural issues, body symptoms, experiences and conflicts. From there we uncover your reasons of stress or exhaustion. To illustrate all this, we create your "map of life " and determine tasks to dissolve these reasons.

English translation in process.

Level 2: I - my profession - "Map of profession"

We take a deepened look at your strengths, talents, skills, values and convictions. This is your personal portfolio in knowledge and competences . Based on this we create your search fields with the best suitability and greatest satisfaction in terms of your profession. At the end we will create a stage plan for your professional development or reintegration in your former profession. This includes also a view into your furhter personal developments.

Level 3: I - my future - "Mindfulness and resilience"

Finally, we look at findings and results we achieved during the coaching. Each person will be strengthened in mindfulness and building up protective factors for their further life.

The troubles and conflicts against peace of mind will be neutralised in the energy field (data memory) as well as at cell level (cell remembrances) in a delicate process, imbedded in the integrative vitalization. The result is inner calmness and serenity.

The coaching level 1 and 2 is then rounded off with vision work. The purpose is to create a concrete representation of the POSITIVE, which you aim to attract with by your heart resonance in future. 

Results of the Heart Resonance Coaching














physical comfort (body)


wellness (heart and guts)


well being (mind)

The effects of the heart resonance energy field have been proven by leading scientists in Europe, quantum physics and the HearthMath Institute, (USA), in more than 20 years of research. The Heart-Resonance-Coaching method of C for C is based on the insights of this research. Integrative vitalization  has been developed in the course of a seven year development period as well as a four year assessment. In the course of this process the various therapeutic elements have been combined to a comprehensive methodology

Background information

All methods and information mentioned do not replace a professional consultation or treatment by a qualified and registered medical practitioner.

The contents of methods cannot be used as replacement for medical treatment. Heart-Resonance-Coaching is an integral part of integrative vitalization and regards itself as a parallel measure in cooperation with medical practitioners, psychological specialists, complementary and bodywork therapists.