The Heart-Compass, Your Life Navigation

The heart plays a vital role for every human being: on the one hand it is a life-giving organ for the body on the other hand it is the centre of our emotions. The heart is our «emotional brain», so to speak.


According to the World Health Organisation (WHO) by 2020 heart diseases and depression will be the leading wide-spread diseases. The heart is therefore strained in both its functions.

How does the Heart-Compass work? How can you make use of it?

Imagine, that the human heart is a compass. What would be its main function? It provides us with orientation, it shows us the way. We can use it to follow a certain direction and keep our bearings. In the end we reach our destination thanks to the compass. If the compass is distracted by magnetic interference zones, e.g. volcanoes or energy gaps in the ground, it points in the wrong direction and we will either not reach our destination at all or make a detour.


The Heart-Compass works in the same way. It is influenced and possibly distracted by the human energy field within the Heart-Resonance-Field.

Free the Heart-Compass from disturbances

Disturbances in the magnetic field of the Heart-Compass are indicated by disharmonies of the body (e.g. illness) or life-changing events (e.g. accidents, personal or professional conflicts). Heart-Resonance-Coaching (HRC) is a way to recognize the causes of disturbances, neutralize them and “realign” the Heart-Compass.


It must come from the heart which is to act on the heart.

(Johann Wolfgang von Goethe)