Vitality rests on three pillars

In the energetics thoughts, emotions, words and actions are all energy.

We see human beings as a unit consisting of body, mind and emotions, which are subjected to various influences

Disharmonies between body, mind and emotions can lead to illnesses, profound fatigue and accidents. A holistic perspective and treatment are necessary to recognize the reasons for this and achieve sustainable recovery.

It is for this reason that as part of our integrative vitalization we connect the three pillars scientific, naturopathic and energetic medicine. Heart-Resonance-Coaching  complements the medical field within the pillar energetic medicine as a kind fourth supporting pillar for an integrative treatment.


As a holistic and interdisciplinary treatment Integrative Vitalization is based on highest quality standards. We ensure these standards by co-operating with physicians, psychiatrists, psychologists and therapists from complementary medicine.

The individual elements of the Integrative Vitalization at a glance

Background information

Re: The coaching and vitalisation support does not replace consultation or treatment by a registered doctor. The Integrative Vitalization is understood as supporting and attendant parallel treatment.