Find your place in life

Use your life navigation successfully

Based on the guiding principle „The head thinks, the heart guides“ every human being has an inner navigation system. We call it the Heart-Compass. Those who know how to use it, trust it and follow it to find their own personal path in life – professionally and personally.

The Heart-Resonance-Coaching

Our „personal Heart-Resonance-Coaching“ (PHRC) teaches how it „works“, how you can recognize and use your Heart-Compass.

People invest time and money into their professional success to build up specialist knowledge. When sudden changes happen in their social, professional or personal context this knowledge will quickly reach its limits. It provides insufficient answers for people encountering personal, life-related questions. If these questions remain permanently unanswered this can cause crisis, exhaustion or burnout. Only if we know what we wholeheartedly want we can achieve our visisons, goals and wishes.

The innovative PHRC offers effective elements (see table) for your personal development. It enables you to navigate to your essential goals in all areas of your life.

Areas of application & benefits

“You must be the change you wish to see in the world.”

Quote: Mahtama Gandhi