Heart-Resonance how does it work?

The mechanism of Heart-Resonance

According to the law of resonance human beings, animals, plants and natural elements are connected by vibrations. Located within the Heart-Resonance-Field is the energy field, comparable to a computer storage system. Emotional issues, e.g. positive and negative emotions as well as shock experiences, behavior patterns and beliefs about us and previous generations of our family are stored there as well as on cellular level (cell remembrances).

The Heart-Resonance-Field transforms this information stored in the energy field into electric and magnetic waves and creates attraction (similar to a magnet).


The Heart-Resonance-Field works in the opposite way than a magnet. While in a magnet opposite poles attract, LIKE ATTRACTS LIKE with the heart magnet. Negative vibrations attract NEGATIVITY and positive vibrations POSITIVITY.


Negative vibrations of the Heart-Resonance are stronger than positive vibrations. This way, experiences like shock or trauma turn into lasting memories and have an effect on you just like magnetic interference zones affect a compass: they distract you from your initial inner focus.

The interactions of Heart-Resonance