The heart of C for C

What is Heart-Resonance?

Every human being „sends“ und „receives“ information, similar to a transmitting antenna. The transmitting antenna of human beings is the electro-magnetic field of the heart, also called Heart-Resonance-Field. It extends around the heart with around two and a half meters diameter.

Two impulses operate within the Heart-Resonance-Field: the electric force of the heart signal (EKG) and its magnetic field (attraction). The electric force (EKG) is 60 times stronger and the magnetic field is even 5000 times stronger than the relevant signals of the brain.

The Heart-Resonance within the five laws of nature

Heart-Resonance-Coaching (HRC) is based on groundbreaking findings of Heart-Resonance research, coherence and quantum physics as well as naturopathic and energetic medicine. It is intended as a parallel treatment in cooperation with doctors, psychological specialists, complementary and body work therapists.

The effect of the heart resonance energy field has been proven by leading scientists in Europe, quantum physics and in more than 20 years of research of the Heart Math Institute, USA ( The Heart-Resonance-Coaching method of C for C is based on the findings of this research. In the course of a seven year period of development as well as a five-year argumentation, the Heart-Resonance-Coaching® method and subsequently the work concept Integrative Vitalization were developed. Herein different individual therapeutic elements are combined to form an extensive work concept.


Excellent Innovation

Heart-Resonance-Coaching – an excellent innovation!

On the 20th August 2013 at the innovation competition our Heart-Resonance-Coaching® has received an award from the Swiss KMU Association, Idée Suisse, Suisse Emex and the StartUp College.


What an incentive!


                                                       We are delighted to have received this recognition and we would like to

                                                       express our thanks to the jury and the audience.