Exhausted or burnout?

Stop the burn-out-Jo-Jo

What is a burnout?

Nowadays exhaustion is often described with the term „burnout“ or „fatigue syndrome“. This means symptoms like feeling faint, tired, weary, weak as well as joyless.

At the same time we experience symptoms like pain (in joints, muscles, nerves), illness, feelings of stress, discomfort etc. Symptoms are the language of our body born in the subconscious mind.


Burnout is not a traditional illness but a reaction of the body with which it communicates and encourages us to important life changes.

What is one of the most common triggers? Pressure...

Pressure often results in equal proportions from family and professional environments.

Overview: Impacts of exhaustion / burnout

"The coaching helped me to get my car back on rails, and I also got a new impetus."

Quote of a customer

“If you are at your wits’ end you can start from the beginning, because the end is the beginning of the other side.”

Quote Karl Valentin