Corporate health management

We simultaneously observe the business map and the health map of employees

The observation of individuals, teams and executives in companies is as important as the consideration of visions, guiding principals, markets and product portfolios. The targeted work with CHRC has shown repeatedly that the causes of conflicts or necessary changes lie half and half with individuals and the company. It is possible after targeted use of CHRC to complete the implementation of required processes and realignment in a significantly shorter time period than usual.


Health of employees (physically and mentally), age pyramid (opinion polls), restart generation 40+. With the help of neutral health questions we will determine important basics about the current state of the company as well as the employees. Afterwards we develop actions and indicate ways to a new vitality.


Our corporate health managment-work concept: the phased model

Business Vital and C for C are registered consulting companies for: corporate health management for health promotion in Switzerland.

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