Guiding Principles Health

Guiding principles health for our employees

1.  We lead people back to their sustainable health - we adhere to these principles in our company.

2.  Healthy and content employees are our most important asset so that we can successfully be             

     under way together.

3.  We live our vision in our interaction and cooperation with each other.

4.  Our flat management structure is appreciative, participatory and transparent.


5.  We work independently, creatively and respectfully with realistic goals.

6.  We live mindfulness and relaxation - everyone takes care of his individual, personal or

     health-related work-life balance.

7.  We successfully achieve our corporate goals by introducing and implementing individual skills,

     talents, strengths and specialised competencies.

8.  Our corporate culture (C for C = Coaching for Core - providing a contribution to the hearts),

     creates, general conditions, which we also adhere too.