C for C - Coaching for Core

Our core: the Heart Resonance Coaching ©

The coaching method of C for C works on the level of Heart Resonance. The essence of the work is the positive charisma and attraction of people and companies. The Heart Resonance Method vitalises individuals and enlivens organisations. It enhances their positive charisma and attraction for more joy, motivation and success. For today and for the future.

The Heart Resonance Coaching leads to calmness, serenity and inner strength. These will establish a solid foundation to effectively implement goals and visions. Toast way you can achieve something that didn’t seem achievable before.




Coaching for Core


A contribution to your core, your heart.


“Making the future accessible together”


"Hearts of people, teams and companies are animated, inspired, moved and enriched by our work."

“Only someone who goes his own way can't be overtaken by anyone else.”

Quote: Marlon Brando